Three Teens Selflessly Push A Woman’s Broken Down Car Five Miles:VIDEO

Three Canadian teenagers are being hailed as heroes after they helped push a woman’s broken down car more than five miles back to her home. Aeron McQuillin, 18, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Billy Tarbett, 15, were out on a late-night donut run in Fonthill, Ontario earlier this month when they noticed a woman stranded in the middle of an intersection with smoke coming out of her vehicle. The teens stopped to inspect the Chevy Cobalt, which the lady revealed she had only purchased six weeks earlier. After checking over the car, the trio diagnosed the problem as engine failure and determined that it wasn’t safe to drive.

The woman revealed she couldn’t afford to call a tow truck before the boys decided to take matters into their own hands. They decided they would push the lady’s car back to her house, despite the fact it was located just over five miles away. The teens called a fourth friend, Dan Morrison, who arrived on the scene brandishing water battles and a speaker so the group could listen to music while performing their manual labor.

Morrison drove behind the trio with his hazard lights flashing to alert other drivers. It took the group an hour and a half before they reached the lady’s house. Morrison shared a snap of the teens on Facebook, alongside a status which read: ‘Please share the crap out of this so these young men can get the props they deserve. Well done Billy, Bailey, and Aeron.’ The following morning the group woke up to find the post inundated with thousands of messages by people left in awe at their selflessness.

‘There still are some good young people out there. Way to go, guys,’ one wrote.’This just goes to show people that there is still real gentleman out there… not only are your parents so proud of you, I am very proud to know that you guys have done this for a total stranger,’ another commented. As of Friday, the post has garnered more than 32,000 likes and more than 23,000 shares.

The story has made national news in Canada, with the teens speaking to The Star last weekend. ‘We had nothing better to do, but even if we did I would like to think we would have helped her anyway,’ Tarbett said. ‘We hope more people learn from this situation and not be afraid to lend a helping hand to those in need,’ McQuillin added.