Italian Barbers Unite To Perform A Song To Distract Little Boy Who Was Scared Of Getting His Haircut: VIDEO

Children often get scared of doing basic things. They each have their phobias, no matter how ridiculous it might seem.

For the boy in this viral video, it was having his hair cut. It is what the barbers did that got internet users smiling, though.

The little boy was seen crying as he was about to get a haircut. This normal experience proved to be foreign and scary for the little boy.

According to his expression, he was petrified; he immediately burst into tears, crying, and wailing.

Suddenly, voices came up, and the camera moves, showing three other barbers who had left their chairs to do a little performance for the boy.

The three barbers sang their hearts out in an attempt to distract the kid, and the performance amused other clients.


Posted by CFC Staff Parrucchieri Unisex on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Their performance was a version of the Italian song ‘I Due Liocorni’ which means” The Unicorn Song,’ a song based on the children’s poem ‘The Unicorn’ by Shel Silverstein.

The poem tells the story of how the unicorns missed the ark of Noah before the great flood.

The lyrics weren’t the important point in this performance, but the melody and joy that proved to be what the little boy needed.

Upon hearing their performance, the boy cheered up and began smiling, as he watched the grown men in their silly performance.

The barber working on the young customer couldn’t help but smile as his client was at peace again.

The video went viral, and the three performing barbers received commendation from commenters all over the world.

What a lovely way to alleviate the young boy’s fears! Kudos to the kind-hearted barbers for their act of service!