Husband Writes A Letter To His Wife For Getting Mad At Him For Cheating On Her In A Dream

Sometimes we can have dreams that feel so real that when we wake, it takes us a moment to fully process the dreams we had, along with the emotions that get associated with them. For one woman who dreamt her husband had cheated, when she woke up she was absolutely livid. Naturally, the poor husband was blamed for the actions of his dream self, and while it wasn’t real, he still shared his funny story and subsequent response with others online. Here is his full post: “My name is Chris Kent, I am a full-time firefighter/ EMT and my wife is a nurse. So, with our crazy schedules, it’s hard to get time together. We have a 2-year-old daughter together and I have 2 boys also. I had just gotten off a 36-hour shift at the firehouse. I came home Sunday morning exhausted from work to my wife telling me about her dream. I had cheated on her. She was visibly upset about the dream she had. Knowing I would never do those things in real life, she explained to me what had happened.