Famous Band Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Opened A Second House For mistreated Woman – VIDEO

There aren’t a lot of bands that have stood the test of time, but Aerosmithis certainly one of them.

There is a reason some people have immortalized Steven Tyler and the others, and it goes way beyond pure music taste.

Even I, myself, am a big fan, which is why I was delighted to learn what Tyler is up to now. With all the fame and fortune he’s amassed over the course of his long career, it would have been a simple thing for him to kick back and enjoy the rest of his life.

However, it turns out, that he’s focusing his energy on a project that almost everyone will be able to appreciate. It’s called “Janie’s House”, and it’s rather special…

The Famous Band’s frontman has helped to establish a home for mistreated and neglected girls, and he even donated $500,000 towards the renovation of a suitable 82-acre building located just outside of Memphis.

Years ago is when this project started, when Tyler visited a treatment center and then realized that he wanted to do something to help all the mistreated and neglected girls he was meeting there.

“All the girls I met had been mistreated either physically, mentally, verbally, you know. At least 90 percent of them all,” Tyler said, according to LocalMemphis.com.

These houses are named “Janie’s House” after Aerosmith’s hit 1989 song “Janie’s Got a Gun”, and they will aim to provide a safe space for those women who have nowhere else to go.

201 is when the first Janie’s House was opened in Atlanta.

The home’s main goal is to raise awareness of neglect and mistreated as serious issues while generating financial support to see that victims are given the proper channels to help them overcome any trauma they might be facing in their lives.

As of now, the home fosters 14 girls at a time (between 26 and 60 annually) and promises to shelter them for as long as they need help.

Besides supporting the homes, Tyler has also created “Janie’s Fund”, which has raised around $4 million in total since its opening.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler at Youth Villages Bartlett. He helped make this happen. Janie’s House to help abused & neglected girls.https://www.localmemphis.com/news/local-news/aerosmiths-steven-tyler-opens-janies-house-at-youth-villages-in-bartlett/1755006686

Posted by Local Memphis on Monday, February 4, 2019

“I’m gonna bring this Janie’s Fund with me wherever I go. It’s like a dream come true,” Tyler said.

It really is amazing when your icons turn out to be real-life heroes too.

Although Steven Tyler may have experienced his own problems in the past, he still remains inspirational as ever!